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DARK SUN: SHATTERED LANDS takes place in and around the city-state of Draj, ruled by the sorcerer-king Tectuktitlay.

The heroes will begin in the blood soaked sands of the Grand Arena, where they will live and die as gladiators, battling against the twisted horrors of the wastelands for the amusement of the people of Draj.

The goal will be to survive and escape from the slave pens. The main plot of the campaign will revolve around the heroes unifying the villages of escaped slaves to make a stand against the Drajian army before it comes to cleanse the region of them.

The PCs should be cooperative and have a desire to oppose Draj.
The players are encouraged to interact and build the world up around them.
PCs will begin the game at level 3.

The campaign is based on the 1993 SSI PC game; Dark Sun: Shattered Lands.
The campaign will be run using the 2002 PC game; Neverwinter Nights.

Neverwinter Nights + Shadows of Undrentide + Hordes of the Underdark + Patch 1.69
Community Expansion Pack 2.60 + 2.61 Patch
PrC Consortium 3.5
Darksun Custom Files{Updated 5/18/16}
Darksun Custom Soundtrack

If you are making a Bowman, Brawler, Marshal, Psion, Psychic Warrior, Scout, Templar or Wilder at first level, then you will need to create your character with the PrC Character Creator.

Dark Sun: Shattered Lands

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